It’s been a few years since we’ve seen Mr. Bean and, according to the actor who plays the beloved bumbler, we may never see him again.

Appearing on BBC’s “The Graham Norton Show”, reports Digital Spy, Rowan Atkinson admitted that he thinks he’s taken his hilarious comic creation about as far as he can.

“I doubt he will ever reappear,” the actor said of Mr. Bean, who first appeared on British TV in 1990. “There does come a point when you’ve done all you can. But, never say never.”

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Although he hasn’t played the character in years, Atkinson still attracts attention for what is arguably his most famous role.

“I get half-recognized a lot. One man once said, ‘You are the spitting image of Mr. Bean.’ When I told him that I was the actor that played Mr. Bean, he laughed and said, ‘I bet you wish you were. The resemblance is so uncanny you could get lookalike work. You’d make an absolute fortune!'”

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While viewers have long found Atkinson to be hilarious, he does not see himself the same way.

“I find film very difficult and stressful. Only very, very occasionally do I find what I do funny,” he admitted. “When they tried to make a blooper tape of ‘Blackadder’, they couldn’t find anything of me laughing or making mistakes. There was nothing of me even being remotely amused.”

While Mr. Bean may have been retired, Atkinson’s accident-prone 007 wannabe Johnny English will soon return in a new big-screen adventure when “Johnny English Strikes Again” hits theatres on Oct. 26. Watch:

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