‘Venom’ Stars Tom Hardy And Riz Ahmed Explain Their Favourite British Slang Terms

“Venom” stars Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed both hail from the U.K., and the two actors appear in a new video from Vanity Fair in which they explain the finer points of British slang.

If you’re planning upcoming voyage across the pond, Hardy and Ahmed have got you covered, explaining the meanings of such terms as “skint,” “peng and “taking a Richard.”

For example, the first term the duo reference is to “do one’s nut in,” which Ahmed notes is slang for someone who is “crazy” or a “nutter,” with “nut” referring to one’s head.

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The next word they tackle is “numpty,” which Ahmed describes as “what it sounds like, someone who’s a bit stupid,” with Hardy advising that “numpty can also up the ante in a violent predicament, because if you call a really big person a numpty, you are really pushing your luck.”

Adds Ahmed: “If you call a very big person any of the words on this list, we can’t be held responsible for the outcome.”

You can see Hardy and Ahmed using a lot less slang in “Venom”, in theatres now.



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