Jennifer Garner Is Naming Her New Chicks ‘Oprah Henfrey’ And ‘Ellen DeHenerous’

Jennifer Garner has a lot of chickens.

The “Peppermint” actress flies into “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Monday to rave about her feathery friends.

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Sadly, Garner’s chicken Regina George passed away, but that is the least of her problems. Captain Hook, the chicken, is not getting along with Garner’s seven new chicks.

And she plans on getting even more little yellow birds. In fact, Garner is going to hilariously name her next two chicks “Oprah Henfrey” and “Ellen DeHenerous”.

Garner, 46, also tells the day-time talk show host about her failed attempt at surprising moviegoers at a “Peppermint” premiere.

“As soon as I got there, I realized, ‘I don’t really have a plan for this’,” she says, noting she wore “sweats” after tucking her three children into bed. “I don’t know what I’m gonna do, but I can’t actually face an audience,” she thought to herself.

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“So I walked up to the theater, and they started walking out. I realized it, and I hid in a corner like a grownup and I could hear these people talking about me as they went by,” Garner notes. “I wanted somebody to say, ‘She’s right here — be careful; she’s very, you know… fragile.'”

“Peppermint” premiered last month and earned over $40 million against a $25 million budget.

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