Kacey Musgraves becomes Ellen DeGeneres’ latest scare victim on Monday’s show.

Musgraves gets asked about what it’s like being the only female to be nominated in the Album of the Year category at the CMA Awards before the host quizzes her on her days performing as Hannah Montana when she first moved to Nashville.

The country singer replies, “That was a very short, brief stint.

“It didn’t go that well, I got paid in change, a kid tried to rip my wig off. He said, ‘You’re not the real Hannah Montana.'”

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As Musgraves talks about her straw-like wig, a man jumps out of the box beside her dressed as Miley Cyrus’ alter-ego.

See Musgraves’ hilarious reaction in the clip above.

Monday’s show also sees the star perform “Happy & Sad”.

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See more in the video below: