Catholic League President Hits Out At ‘South Park’ Bosses Over Child Abuse Episode: ‘Cowards!’

The Catholic League’s president Bill Donohue has slammed “South Park” bosses for airing an episode about child molestation in the Catholic Church.

Wednesday night’s instalment of the hit show, titled “A Boy and a Priest”, saw Butters getting close to Father Maxi before going missing.

However, as another abusive scandal then loomed, Donohue released a statement to call the show’s creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, “cowards” for airing such a thing on the show.

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His message read, “The October 3rd episode of ‘South Park,’ titled ‘A Boy and a Priest,’ portrayed molesting priests as pedophiles. This is factually inaccurate: almost all the molesters–8 in 10–have been homosexuals.

“Therefore, the cartoon-victim characters should have been depicted as adolescents, not kids.

“In Hollywood, the creators of ‘South Park’, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, are seen as courageous. They are really cowards. It takes courage to tell the truth.”

This is not the first time “South Park” has tackled such a storyline, with them previously airing an episode titled “Red Hot Catholic Love”, again about the sex abuse scandals, back in 2002.

Parker and Stone have yet to respond to Donohue’s comments.

Unsurprisingly, Donohue’s comments sparked quite the social media reaction.

See some of the responses below:


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