Chance the Rapper isn’t afraid to criticize his good friend Kanye West.

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The Coloring Book rapper appeared on the latest episode of “The Joe Budden Podcast” over the weekend where he was asked about some of West’s recent controversial behaviour.

“I think Kanye has said it before but I think he thinks, like, for every move, at least for the past few albums, he thinks about himself like 300 years in the future and how people will read things,” Chance said.

“I think he does a lot of stuff for the attention of the masses, to get that stuff documented and made into history. But I think also a lot of times, the attention that he may be seeking is at the immediate detriment of some people that may need that attention more.”

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Last month it was confirmed that Chance and West are currently working on a new album together, though the rapper said that it is not close to being released.