Montel Williams Talks About Near-Fatal Stroke That Sent Him To Hospital For 21 Days

Montel Williams is finally opening up about a serious health scare earlier this year.

Appearing on “Good Morning America”, the former daytime talk-show host opened up about the 21 days he spent in the hospital after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke.

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The 62-year-old told the Blast earlier this week that he “almost died,” and added, “I’m lucky to be alive.”

The stroke occurred on May 30 at a hotel in New York while Williams was working out.

“I looked up and everything turned into kaleidoscope,” he recalled. “I knew something was majorly wrong, so I forced myself to get to my room on the 14th floor and called my wife. I told her that I may be having a stroke, so please call 911. She did the rest.”

Williams said his wife called emergency services, who sent a special vehicle for stroke victims in which they did a CAT scan to discover the kind of stroke he had suffered, allowing them to deliver the proper treatment right away.

“I give all the credit to my wife,” Williams said. “She laid on the bed with me for all 21 days, sleeping at the hospital and staying there 18 hours a day.”

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He spent nine of the 21 days in hospital in the ICU; his wife was by his side there, too.

“The only thing I remember for the first five days of the ICU is her saying, ‘I love you.'”

Williams has almost fully recovered and is slowly getting off medication but said the stroke was “a wakeup call to go 100 per cent, instead of the 300 per cent I was working at.”

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