Matthew Perry has been candid about his struggles with substance abuse while he starred on Friends, but in a new interview admits his memory of a few of his years on the hit sitcom is fuzzy bordering on nonexistent.

Perry, currently in London starring in the play The End of Longing, was asked by BBC Radio 2 host Chris Evans if he could single out his favourite episode of Friends.

“I think the answer is, I don’t remember three years of it, so none of those,” replied Perry. “I was a little out of it at the time. Somewhere between seasons three and six.”

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At the time, Perry’s battle with addiction became frequent tabloid fodder, and he entered rehab twice during the show’s run — first in 1997, then again in 2001.

While Perry’s commitment from the play kept him from reuniting with his Friends cast-mates during yesterday’s taping of the all-star tribute to sitcom director James Burrows, he told Evans that he’s not opposed to reuniting for real in an actual Friends reunion special — if the network could afford, it that is.

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“I don’t know what the price would be, but I think the actors would actually be open to it,” he said. “I do. I think we would be open to doing something, some kind of TV special. I don’t know about a movie.”

As Perry pointed out, a big reason the cast remains wary is because reunions are usually “terrible” and run the risk of tainting viewers’ fond memories of the original show.

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“It’s kind of tough because we’ve ended on such a high note that we don’t want to ruin it, so we’d want to be really careful,” he said. “Sometimes when you do a reunion it’s terrible, and it sort of ruins the memory of the good show that you’ve done before.”