Ben Stiller Reunites With High School Band, Releases First New Song In 36 Years

Ben Still is an actor, writer and director, but you may not have realized he was also a musician back in the day.

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Once upon a time, the “Zoolander” star was a member of a high school band called Capital Punishment at Calhoun School in New York in the ’80s, and now that band is planning on releasing brand new music.

The band, which specialized in noise music and only released one album, Roadkill, in 1982, recently announced they will be putting out a five-song EP titled This Is Capital Punishment for Record Store Day’s Black Friday event on Nov. 23.

The EP will be available as a special translucent blue vinyl limited to only 1,500 copies.

Stiller, who played drums with the band on their first album, is reuniting with original bandmates Kriss Roebling, Peter Zusi and Peter Swann for the new record.

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Back in August, Stiller spoke about recording with Capital Punishment in an interview with Rolling Stone.

“I remember being very nervous. ‘Cause I just really didn’t play the drums hardly at all. I remember feeling like I just wanna get through this and actually be able to play something that’s usable,” he said. “I wasn’t, you know, really that good at playing the drums, which you can pick up if you listen. You don’t even have to listen that closely to get that.”

Ahead of the EP’s release, Capital Punishment is sharing the first single, “Confusion”, a funky, guitar-heavy track with an industrial influence.

“It was so much fun after 30-plus years to be playing again,” said Stiller in a statement (via Stereogum). “And feeling like I actually got a tiny bit better!”

Check out “Confusion” below:

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