South Park Says ‘#CancelTheSimpsons’ Over Apu Controversy

SPOILERS: Warning, this article contains spoilers from Wednesday’s episode of “South Park”. If you don’t want to spoil it by reading this wonderfully written article, make like Eric Cartman and say, “Screw you guys, I’m going home!”

“South Park” likes to poke fun at just about everything — that is no secret — but its latest burn is a scorcher.

The animated adult cartoon set its sights on the longest-running American sitcom in history, “The Simpsons”.

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Wednesday’s episode — titled “The Problem with a Poo” — sees Kyle defend Mr. Hankey, a piece of poo in a Christmas hat, against horrible remarks Hankey made while on Ambien. If that does not sound familiar to you, read up on the Roseanne Barr controversy here.

Ultimately, Hankey is kicked out of “South Park” and condemned to live his life elsewhere. When asked where Hankey will go, Randy told Stan, “He’ll have to go to a place that accepts racist, awful beings like him. There are still places out there who don’t care about bigotry and hate.”

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And that place turns out to be Springfield, the fictional home of “The Simpsons”. Hanky is greeted by Apu upon arrival. “The Simpsons” has spent the last year fending off criticism over its depiction of Apu and how he his voiced by a white man.

The episode ends with the hashtag “#cancelthesimpsons” appearing on the screen. No one knows for sure how serious the dig at “The Simpsons” is. After all, season 22 was marketed with the hashtag “#cancelsouthpark”.

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