Late-Night Hosts Take On Kanye’s White House Meeting: ‘Like Trump Is Sitting Across From His Own Twitter Account’

It’s hard to imagine better late-night comedy material than Kanye West’s meeting with Donald Trump at the White House.

On Thursday night, Jimmy Kimmel devoted his opening monologue to the historic Oval Office meeting between the rapper and the U.S. president.

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“This ranting and raving, this is the kind of thing that happens on the subway in New York, not in the Oval Office,” Kimmel joked.

After playing a series of clips of West’s most bizarre statements during his nearly 10-minute off-the-cuff speech, Kimmel added, “It’s like Trump was sitting across from his own Twitter account come to life.”

On “The Tonight Show”, Jimmy Fallon also cracked jokes about the meeting.

“If you would’ve told me 10 years ago that Trump and Kanye would be meeting at the White House I would’ve said, ‘Oh my God, Kanye becomes president?'”

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Fallon also showed one particular clip in which West opened his phone and entered his passcode in full view of the cameras.

“Zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero,” he pointed out. “Then Trump said, ‘Hey, that’s the same password I use for the nuclear codes.'”



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