Whoopi Goldberg Takes Her Shirt Off And Hands It To BTS Mid-Interview During ‘Graham Norton’ Appearance

Whoopi Goldberg ends up literally giving BTS the shirt off her back during her appearance on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show.”

The K-Pop band impressed Goldberg, 62, so much with their comments about the work they’ve been doing with the United Nations that she simply removed her top and handed it over.

Band member RM on their roles with the UN: “Life is full of dilemmas and we always have to have the pain inside. When the light comes we always have the shadows, which we can’t avoid, but we should always find the way to love ourselves, especially the youth, who should be happy and live their life.”

Goldberg then told them, while stripping down: “I’m giving you this [shirt] to say thank you for all of the joy you’re bringing. If you look closely, it (the fabric) is all about people and movement. Thank you.”

BTS also chatted about their army of fans, with RM sharing, “We are very lucky to live in a time of social media but our sincerity in our music, performance and our army’s love, made it.”

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Goldberg’s interview, on the other hand, was a little more X-rated, with “The View” co-host joking with Norton about how little sex she’s been having.

Talking about her one-woman show, “Whoopi Goldberg Live”, the actress revealed, “I talk about what’s on my mind, sex, and the lack of it, and how at a certain age, you can’t look at a man without thinking, ‘Too young, too young!’ and I feel bad because I like to ogle!”

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Asked if the Q&A element of her show is different in the UK, she added: “Well here, they’re not as interested in who I have had sex with. Here, they are more interested in who inspired me.”

“In America, there is a list of men floating around I am supposed to have slept with. I am from a time before cameras so if you went out to lunch with someone, the tabloids would print that you were having sex with them!”

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