Harry Connick Jr. Recalls The Hilarious Moment When Sandra Bullock Told Him He Got The Part In ‘Hope Floats’

Harry Connick Jr. shared a hilarious story about Sandra Bullock on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show”.

Sitting down with Graham Norton, joined by Whoopi Goldberg, Jamie Dornan and Rosamund Pike, Connick Jr. recalled the moment when he found out he got the part of Justin in the 1998 romantic comedy, “Hope Floats”.

Before starring in the flick, the 51-year-old actor/singer auditioned with Bullock but he had some competition, another actor who wanted the role.

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He explained, “I really wanted to do this part and it was between and some other guy. The part that I was playing was a guy from Texas, he was a real cowboy… Sandra told me, ‘I’m really thinking about this cowboy from Texas’, and the part was a cowboy from Texas and I said there’s no way I’m going to get it.”

But later, on a private plane with the Oscar-winning actress, 54, Connick Jr. said she had a creative way of letting him know the role was his.

“So we get on the plane and I was trying to be coy and not let her know what I was thinking, but I really wanted to know who this other guy was,” he recalled. “I was sitting on the plane with my back to pilot and she was sitting right across from me and I’m like, ‘So, how did that other guy? He’s pretty good, huh?’ And she was like, ‘Yeah he was really good, he’s from Texas, he’s exactly what we’re looking for.’”

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But things took a turn for the stranger, “She starts to untuck her shirt and untucking it… she starts unbuttoning her and what was really weird was that her father was actually on the flight too… this is as freaky as it gets, like your dad is right there. But as she starts raising her shirt up and on her stomach was written, ‘You got the part.’”

“Hope Floats” also starred Rosanna Arquette, Michael Pare, Mae Whitman and was directed by Forest Whitaker.

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