Chance The Rapper Surprises Unsuspecting Lyft Riders As An Undercover Driver

Chicago Lyft users got a huge surprise on their commute.

Chance the Rapper teamed up with the rideshare program to benefit the Chicago’s Public Schools but had a little fun along the way.

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Chance, dressed undercover in sunglasses and a toque, welcomed the passengers to his Lyft car.

The unsuspecting guests chatted with “John” (Chance’s driver name) about giving back to the community, Kanye West, and his own music.

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“I’m only 25 but I’ll get a statue in my hometown when I die,” the Grammy winner said, quoting his song “I Might Need Security”, to a passenger.

Later, Chance brought up himself: “I’m not a super fan, but I know he’s got a good-looking woman, I think he’s about to get married to her,” the rapper said, cheekily mentioning his fiancee Kirsten Corley.

DNCE and Demi Lovato have also participated in “Undercover Lyft”.

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