What Will Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Name Their Baby? British Oddsmakers Make Their Predictions

The royal-baby watch has officially started — and so have the name predictions.

On Monday, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced that they’re expecting their first child together, and British oddsmakers are already making predictions on what the new addition to the Royal Family will be named.

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According to betting site Ladbrokes, “Victoria” nabs the No. 1 spot at 8/1 odds just moments after news broke that the royal couple were expecting. “Alice” trails behind the leading name for a girl with odds at 12/1, while “Elizabeth” comes in third at 16/1.

“Albert”, the name of Queen Victoria’s beloved husband, earns the top spot for boys names at 10/1. “Arthur” and “Philip” are tied with the leading name, while “Charles” comes in fourth at 16/1.

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However, not everyone agrees on Ladbrokes’ top names. Betfair ranks “Victoria” and “Albert” much lower, with “Diana” leading at 8/1.

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Although the world won’t know the gender of the baby until its arrival in April or May of next year, the boy or girl will be seventh in line to the throne after Harry, 34, Prince George, 5, Princess Charlotte, 3, and Prince Louis, five months.



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