Timothee Chalamet And Steve Carell Talk Bringing ‘Beautiful Boy’ To The Big Screen

Steve Carell and Timothee Chalamet are hoping their new drama “Beautiful Boy” will help families torn apart by drug addiction.

Based on two memoirs — one by David Sheff, the other by his son Nic Sheff — the story follows several years of the family’s heartbreaking struggle with Nic’s (Chalamet) cycle through addiction and sobriety, both of which the actor feels young audiences will relate to.

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“It is a weird, weird world for young people and there’s a lot of disillusion, and there’s a lot of young people that are — I was going to say, ‘falling prey,’ and I feel like that’s a good terminology and that’s what this movie’s about,” Chalamet said during the Toronto International Film Festival.

With the story based on firsthand accounts by the Sheffs, Carell told ET Canada the movie is able to skip the typical Hollywood cliches that come with movies about addiction.

“The way these books, and the way this script was presented was kind of an unrelenting look at the subject matter and I think they really tried to avoid all the cliches you commonly find in a story like this,” Carell explained. “It’s not selective in any way. This can happen to anyone. It doesn’t discriminate.”

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Chalamet, 22, is hopeful that “Beautiful Boy” portrays addiction as a disease, not a personal failure.

“I hope we’ll communicate that it’s not a moral failing — addiction — but it’s really a disease,” he added. “And in this world where it’s so prevalent right now, like drugs, I’m not envious of being a parent.”

“Beautiful Boy” opens in theatres on Oct. 19.




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