Jada Pinkett Smith Went Skydiving In Dubai — As Her Birthday Present To Husband Will Smith

Deciding on the right birthday gift for a spouse is usually a daunting proposition but when it came time to celebrate her husband hitting the big 5-0, Jada Pinkett Smith opted for something out of the ordinary.

That’s why she decided to hurl herself out of an airplane high above Dubai for the 50th birthday of hubby Will Smith — shortly after he marked his big day by bungee-jumping from a helicopter hovering above the Grand Canyon

“He said this is my birthday gift to him. He was like, ‘I want you to come to Dubai and I want to see the two of you skydive That is what I want for my birthday,’” Pinkett Smith told People.

“I was like, ‘Really bro?’ I haven’t done a damn thing Will has wanted me to do in seven years!” she quipped.

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“I think for Will, he has always been adventurous. For now in his life, he has released himself to be more of that,” she explained of her husband’s recent spate of daredevil stunts. “I’m not really adventurous in that way and he has been having his adventures and I told him, ‘These are the years — you’re turning 50, so this is the year of yes for me to you because I’m always telling you no,’ so this one year is a yes.” 

The former “Gotham” star shared a photo of herself on Instagram about to make the leap, adding a tongue-in-cheek caption: “Oh…by the way…I jumped out of a plane today.”

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