Jon Hamm Chows Down On Bull Penis To Avoid Talking About His ‘Hammaconda’ On ‘The Late Late Show’

Jon Hamm ended up chowing down on some interesting dishes as he appeared on “The Late Late Show” Monday.

Hamm, 47, became the latest celeb to take part in James Corden’s “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts”, with him being forced to eat the trusty old bull’s penis after he was asked to show the talkshow host just how big his “Hammaconda” really is.

The actor asked the British star, “I’ve been told you’ve had bull penis,” to which Corden replied: “It’s alright… no!”

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Corden continued, “There’s been a lot of talk online about what people refer to as the ‘Hammaconda.’ Show me with your hands how big the ‘Hammaconda’ really is.”

The host also said his mom was in the audience and only came because she wanted to find out how big the Hammaconda is. This immediately spurred the actor on to take a big bite.

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The skit previously saw Hamm down two shots of hot sauce after he refused to tell Corden the one person he wouldn’t want to work with again.

After the star then downed the shots, he joked: “It’s gonna be a fun ride home.”

Other delicious dishes included tarantulas and bird saliva.

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