Courtney Love Performs Hole’s ‘Celebrity Skin’ With 1000 Italian Musicians

Former Hole frontwoman Courtney Love was joined by the biggest backing band of her career in Italy.

With Italy’s Rockin1000, which features one thousand musicians on drums and guitars and backing vocalists, Love belts out one of the all-female rock band’s biggest hits, “Celebrity Skin” off the 1998 album of the same name.

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The massive group of musicians made headlines in 2015 when they performed “Learn To Fly” in a successful bid to get Foo Fighters to play a concert in Cessna, Italy. This past July, they once again formed to perform with Love at the charity event, That’s Live 2018. Rockin1000 performed in support of a charity dedicated to fighting addiction and social exclusion.

“The first time I saw the Rockin’1000 video, I thought, I want to do that!” Love declares. “The sight and sound of a thousand musicians connecting with their audience in this open, transcultural way was incredible. It reminded me of the early punk scene, with its community centered around diversity and acceptance.”

A video of Love’s performance has just been released online. (Caution: Language may offend some).




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