Adam Sandler Does Just About Everything In New Comedy Special Trailer

Adam Sandler is “100% Fresh” in this new Netflix comedy special teaser.

The “Happy Gilmore” actor returns to his stand-up roots in the streaming service’s latest big-budget comedy special.

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Most comedians who sign on with Netflix have one show filmed from start-to-finish, but by the look of the new trailer Sandler’s special was shot across multiple shows at different venues.

And it features just about everything. In one scene, Sandler brings his dog onstage and sits him down in the corner. “Daddy’s going to do some comedy,” Sandler tells his best friend.

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Throughout the trailer, he drinks, plays guitar, does impressions, tells stories, deals with an astronaut hanging from wires and anything else you might expect from the multi-talented entertainer.

“100% Fresh” arrives on Tuesday, Oct. 23 on Netflix.



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