Stephen Colbert took a swipe at Donald Trump during Tuesday’s “Late Show”, with him mocking the president’s recent “horseface” remark to Stormy Daniels.

Daniels’ defamation lawsuit against Trump, who she allegedly hooked up with during a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, California, in 2006, was thrown out by a judge this week, and the POTUS wasted no time in commenting on the whole thing.

He posted:

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Speaking about the tweet on his show, Colbert then said: “Yes, horseface. You heard it straight from the horse’s ass.”

Reading out the end of Trump’s tweet, the talkshow host added: “That is true, you are a total con!”

Colbert went on to show Daniels’ reply, telling viewers: “On Twitter, just like in real life, Stormy spanked the president.”

He also suggested she could raise money to pay Trump’s legal fees by launching a “GoFundMe campaign called ‘For $10 Million I Will Stop Describing Trump’s Penis.'”

Jimmy Kimmel then spoke about Trump’s “horseface” comments on “JKL!”, with him asking “Are we 100% sure he knows he’s the president of the United States?”

He added: “The reason Stormy Daniels reminds him of a horse is because after they had sex, he had to pony up $130,000.”

Daniels has gone into graphic detail about the pair’s alleged sexual encounter, with her recently speaking about the whole thing once again as she appeared on Kimmel’s show.

As well as demonstrating how the president liked to be spanked, Kimmel also pulled out a tray of orange mushrooms and asked the adult film star to pick the one that most resembled his manhood.

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