George Clooney, Natalie Dormer Star In Latest Nespresso Campaign

The long-running face of Nespresso, George Clooney, is sharing the spotlight for the coffee company’s latest ad with “Game of Thrones” star Natalie Dormer.

In the ad, Clooney plays a knight, returning from battle to inform the queen that he’s “slain her dreaded dragon.” The spot’s twist comes when the queen asks what the knight “desires” for saving the kingdom (Spoiler alert: Of course, the answer is the best cup of coffee). Watch the ad above.

When it came to naming the 60-second spot, Clooney jokes: “It’s called ‘The Quest’ because we thought that’d be a funny name for a movie.

“When I was young and lively, they just put me in a suit,” Clooney continues. “Things have changed.”

In another clip from behind the scenes, the 57-year-old father of two shares a little bit about his family’s morning routine.

“I wake up. Diapers are changed — they change my diapers,” he jokes. “And then I do actually make coffee for my wife and myself. Start the day off with a little Nespresso in the morning and then we go to work because now I have to pay for these children that I have. They’ve got to go to school at some point I hear… I didn’t!”

Watch more below.

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