The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has deemed Spotify’s “Havana” ad too scary for TV.

Filmed like a horror movie, the one-minute spot features a couple who love Camila Cabello’s “Havana” so much, they play it repeatedly. There’s just one problem: a demonic-looking doll also loves the song. In true horror fashion, each time the couple play “Havana”, the doll gets just a little closer, leading to the ultimate fright.

“It’s only a song,” the male character says in the spot, which first debuted on YouTube in July with the tagline, “Killer songs you can’t resist”.

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Unfortunately for Spotify, the ASA didn’t think it was only about the song, ruling the setting and themes were the stuff of nightmares for children.

“The fact that the ad was set inside a home, including a bedtime setting, and featured a doll, meant it was particularly likely to cause distress to children who saw it,” the ruling reads.

“We acknowledge the ruling from the ASA and regret any distress the ad may have caused the complainant,” Spotify said in response to the ruling.

Earlier this year, the ASA called for ads for the horror movie “The Nun” to be removed from YouTube for their scare factor.