Claire Foy Talks #MeToo, Serena Williams, And ‘The Girl In The Spider’s Web’ In THR Cover Story

Claire Foy won an Emmy for portraying Queen Elizabeth II in “The Crown”; now, the British actress is poised to make a splash on the big screen with her starring role in the upcoming thriller “The Girl in the Spider’s Web”.

In advance of the film’s release, the 34-year-old actress sat down with The Hollywood Reporter for a wide-ranging interview, covering such topics as the contentious Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings and the criticism of Serena Williams at the US Open.

She also talked about her provocative role as Lisbeth Salander in “Spider’s Web”.

“Her objective is to make men pay,” she explained. “Lisbeth puts them in a position where they know what it’s like to be vulnerable. She does it by questionable means a lot of the time but her morals are so clear: If someone does something to another person that’s wrong, they should come to justice. What’s wrong with being an angry person if it’s anger toward something we are terrified about?”

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Part of the interview took place during a walking tour of Washington, D.C., in the midst of the Kavanaugh hearings, and the actress expressed her dismay at encountering a man with a placard that read “#MeTooFraud”.

“How dare you write #MeTooFraud on a placard?” she exclaimed. “It just breaks my heart, how other human beings just care so little about people. That person must not have any idea of what those women have been through. I have a real problem with people not understanding the effect that they have on other people.”

She added: “That makes me want to violently hurt him. Which is obviously bad. I can’t. Because he’s a lot stronger than I am. It would completely undermine my position.”

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Discussing where she thinks this male rage comes from, she said, “[Men] feel vulnerable because women are becoming more powerful, so they want to put us in our place to let us know we’re weak and we’re feeble and we’re emotional. Why do we need to be controlled? Why are we so dangerous? We are really powerful. We can bring people into the world. We have the capacity to hold children in our bodies. They can’t do that. I admire men and think they are amazing. So why does it have to be a competition?”

Serena Williams also came up in the conversation, and Foy took a blunt position on criticism of the tennis great becoming emotional when she felt she wasn’t being treated fairly by the line judge.

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“People — men especially — are like, ‘Emotion is manipulative.’ Like, why does it have to be a bad thing? I’m really tired of people being like, ‘Women are too emotional.’ Serena Williams is allowed to get emotional. It matters to her. Maybe we need more emotion. Maybe we need more people fighting for what they believe in.”

You can read the interview in its entirety in the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter.

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