Matthew Broderick Stars As Captain Sully In Fake ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ Musical — Watch!

Matthew Broderick takes on the role of Captain Chesley Sullenberger in Jimmy Kimmel’s new fake musical, “Hudson, We Have a Problem”.

Tony Award winner Broderick shows off his dancing and singing skills as he joins dancing geese and air hostesses to belt out the opening number to the show.

The “Fraudway” skit, which starts with some unlucky members of the public being picked to get quizzed about the fake show, tells the story of the hero pilot who safely landed his plane on the Hudson River.

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The actor belts out, “Nothing can wrong ’cause it feels so right, it’s a beautiful day for a flight.

“If you look to your right, you’ll see the majestic Hudson River. Wave goodbye, you won’t be seeing that body of water for a while.”

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Disaster then strikes as the geese end up getting too full of themselves and start flying with their eyes closed before Sully does the same thing and ends up killing two of them.

Broderick tells viewers: “Someone get Tom Hanks on the horn, I’ve got a movie idea.”

Hanks played the captain in the 2016 movie based on the incident.

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