Brett Kissel Hit With Backlash Over Marijuana Tweet

Wednesday, Oct. 17 is a big day for Canadians now that marijuana prohibition has ended, but not everybody is happy about it.

Just ask Brett Kissel, who found himself hit with some unexpected backlash when he issued a seemingly innocuous tweet about marijuana legalization in Canada.

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“Historic day for our nation,” wrote the 28-year-old country singer on Twitter, “whether you believe it’s terrific or terrible. I will be educating myself more on weed, and raising my kids to be safe around it or with it.”

While some fans applauded his tweet, others took issue with him broaching the controversial topic and commenced slamming him, with some fans even unfollowing him on social media and threatening to give away tickets they purchased to his upcoming concerts.

However, one fan pointed out the obvious: his post “was not intended to offend anyone… it wasn’t his decision to legalize it.”

Kissel responded to the backlash in a Facebook video (above), issuing a “rebuttal” to “EVERYONE out there who decided to unfollow me, and give back their tickets because I mentioned how historic today was for CANADA regarding the legalization of cannabis (like it or not).”

As he writes alongside the video, Kissel says he “felt and witnessed first hand just how out of control some people can get, and how angry people can get at me, and it’s very sad.”

He offered his thanks to “those who supported me in my post, and defended my comments expressing that the legalization of Cannabis is undeniably ‘HISTORIC’ — and I am offering sympathy for those who so harshly overreacted to my previous post. May your day be better, and may you take out your frustrations (safely) somewhere else.”

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