‘Charmed’ Star Sarah Jeffery In Anti-Fur Campaign For PETA Targeting Canada Goose

Vancouver-born actress Sarah Jeffery can currently be seen in the “Charmed” reboot, and the animal-loving actress is using her celebrity status to get a message across on behalf of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Headlining a new campaign for peta2, PETA’s youth program, Jeffery is asking consumers to ditch one of the country’s most iconic brands: Canada Goose.


“The jackets they make cause a lot of harm to animals,” Jeffery says in a video interview (above), explaining that the coyotes used for the company’s fur-trimmed parkas are caught in traps and can suffer for days until they’re shot or bludgeoned to death.

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The “Charmed” star also says that goose down used in the jackets leads to suffering for geese, noting a recent PETA video that captured workers at a Canada Goose down supplier rounding up terrified geese who piled on top of one another in an attempt to escape, leading some birds to suffocate and die.

“If you love animals and you care for them… don’t wear them, because they have feelings and personalities just like humans do,” says the 22-year-old, who previously starred in a peta2 vegan campaign. “They want to live. They don’t want to die. Think about the choices you’re making, and if you really care for animals, make the right one.”

Canada Goose has provided the following statement to ET Canada: “We are disappointed that PETA continues to misinform their spokespeople about our use and sourcing of fur and down, and we would encourage them to do their research first and not continue to misrepresent the facts. This video is just another example of the extremes that PETA will go to in spreading their false narrative. We remain committed to the responsible use and ethical sourcing of all materials in our products, as evidenced by our Transparency Standards.”

PETA released the following statement: “Trapping and killing animals for their fur, and cramming geese into densely packed crates before their throats are slit is cruel and indefensible. Coyotes whose fur is used as trim on Canada Goose jackets can suffer for days in painful steel traps before they’re bludgeoned, stomped on, or shot to death, as this video shows. A PETA video exposé of a Canada Goose down supplier revealed that workers rounded up terrified geese who piled on top of one another in an attempt to escape – some suffocating in the process – and shoved the surviving ones into cramped cages for a long journey to the slaughterhouse. No amount of whitewashing from Canada Goose can change the fact that animals suffer immensely for their products.”

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