Horror producer Jason Blum has issued an apology after he was criticized for saying he’s been having a hard time finding a woman to direct horror movies for Blumhouse Productions.

Blum’s production company has been a horror powerhouse ever since the success of “Paranormal Activity” back in 2007. In those 11 years, Blumhouse has never signed a female filmmaker.

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The producer says, however, it is not for a lack of trying. “We’re always trying to do that. We’re not trying to do it because of recent events. We’ve always been trying,” Blum told Polygon. “There are not a lot of female directors period and even less who are inclined to do horror”

“I’m a massive admirer of Jennifer Kent,” he said of “The Babadook” director. “I’ve offered her every movie we’ve had available. She’s turned me down every time.”

Blum also approached “Honeymoon” director Leigh Janiak multiple times, but scheduling conflicts always got in the way. This is something Janiak herself confirmed, telling Polygon she was confident “we’ll work together on something, someday soon.”

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Blum further pointed to Jamie Lee Curtis’ heavy involvement in the David Gordon Green directed “Halloween” movie: “I was very reluctant to do [the movie] without her,” Blum said. “Her involvement was very important to me, and in retrospect, I just don’t think there’s been any version of a movie that really would have worked anywhere as well as this one does without her.”

Blum’s comments sparked quite the social media reaction, with numerous female directors urging him to give lesser-known directors a chance.

Blum has now insisted he made a “stupid mistake,” sharing an apologetic post on Twitter. His message included, “The way my passion came out was dumb. And for that I am sorry. I will do better.”

See his full post and some of the online reaction below:

The new “Halloween” movie creeps its way to theatres on Oct. 19 and has been described as a return to form for a film franchise that has struggled to make strong sequels.

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