Kristen Bell may be a part of the Disney family, but she does not believe all stories are created equal.

The “Frozen” voice actress told Parents magazine about the conversation she has with her children after they read Snow White.

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“Every time we close Snow White I look at my girls and ask, ‘Don’t you think it’s weird that Snow White didn’t ask the old witch why she needed to eat the apple? Or where she got that apple?'” Bell shared. “I say, ‘I would never take food from a stranger, would you?’ And my kids are like, ‘No!’ And I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m doing something right.'”

Bell, 38, also has a bone to pick with the story’s approach to romance. “Don’t you think that it’s weird that the prince kisses Snow White without her permission?” she asked. “Because you can not kiss someone if they’re sleeping!”

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Following her comments, Bell received an immense amount of backlash online. ​Notwithstanding, the actress wasn’t afraid to address her critics, clarifying her words online.

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The actress revealed she is working on her own children’s book and drew inspiration from a family favourite called Grumpy Monkey. “I’ve had that feeling, and I want my girls to know that you’re allowed to feel it,” she said. “Figure out ways to pick yourself up when you are ready. I really like that message.”

Bell next stars in “Ralph Breaks the Internet” and “Frozen 2”.

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