If you had one last wish, what would it be? For Dorian Murray, an 8-year-old boy with terminal cancer, his dying wish was to become famous.

Through the hashtag “#DStrong”; many celebrities, including Justin Bieber and Adam Sandler, have joined the campaign to help Murray fulfill his wish.

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Murray was diagnosed with cancer when he was 4-years-old, but doctors informed his family last month that his disease was no longer treatable. Murray told his parents that his one last goal was to become famous worldwide, and a Facebook campaign was soon launched. Millions of people across the globe have been showing their support and posting photos on social media, holding up signs saying “#DStrong”;, and now celebrities are getting in on the action.

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In addition to Bieber and Sandler, other stars who have posted photos on social media for Murray’s campaign, include Conan O’Brien, Paula Abdul, Viola Davis and Nikki Reed. As well, Miles Teller and Debra Messing have given the boy recognition over Twitter.