Meagan Good Reveals Dirty Secrets Of ‘Deception’

Actress Meagan Good plays an undercover agent thrown back into a world of dirty money and even dirtier secrets in the new drama “Deception”;. Her character Joanna Locasto is a police officer and a housekeeper’s daughter, who was raised in the wealthy household of her mother’s employers, the Bowers. 17 years after she sets off on her own, the family’s eldest daughter is killed and Joanna is asked by the FBI to go back to the home undercover to investigate the death. “Her gut says someone in the family is involved and she just doesn’t know who because it’s so hard to believe this family that raised her could have something to do with it,”; Meagan reveals.

“The show takes so many crazy twists and turns, it’s not just about the murder,”; she tells us. “As the show goes on, they will see the rabbit hole is so deep, I open a script and I’m like whoa.”;

And she says it’s the show’s many layers that set this sexy mystery apart from the rest. “What one or two three shows might be about… This show has five or six different things wrapped into one,”; she explains. “I think that’s what makes it really, really different.”;

“Deception”; premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on Global! Watch Meagan share more details in the video below.



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