Carey Mulligan Says She Always Gets Asked ‘S**ty Questions’ By Reporters

Carey Mulligan is getting real about being a woman in the entertainment industry.

The actress, 33, who is currently promoting her new film “Wildlife”, chatted with Vulture about the “s**ty questions” she’s “always” asked during press tours.

“I’m always being asked shitty questions,” she confessed. “Like last night, I got asked by a woman whether I still eat red Twizzlers or whatever.”

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She continued, “I remember when I first had my daughter, people being like, ‘How has motherhood changed your [career]?’ and I was like, ‘Do you ask that regularly to fathers? I think not.’ But yeah, it was particularly noticeable in that moment how sh**ty the questions were. But they aren’t generally good, so I wasn’t shocked. It wasn’t a revelation to have shitty, boring questions.”

But the worst question she’s ever been asked? “Your character in ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ has an abortion. Would you ever have an abortion?”

And Mulligan shut down that reporter real quick, “I think I literally went, “Are you f**king kidding me?” And then moved on.”

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