Julia Louis-Dreyfus Talks Breast Cancer Battle, Reveals Why She Shared Treatment Updates On Social Media

Julia Louis-Dreyfus spoke about her breast cancer battle as she appeared on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

The 57-year-old, who was diagnosed with the disease in September 2017, insisted after announcing she’d beaten it: “I’m good, I’m here. I know we have to get this cancer s**t out of the way, so bring on the questions.”

Louis-Dreyfus went on, “I feel very strong. Everything is good, I’m back at work on ‘Veep’, which is amazing.”

The actress was then questioned about why she decided to share her treatment updates on social media, to which she replied: “I did it for a couple of reasons.”

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She added while referencing “Veep”, “A lot of people worked for me and I knew I couldn’t really keep it private because I had to tell everybody what was going on, and then I just sort of embraced that and I got a lot of positive feedback.

“I think people liked that I had a sense of humour about it, and also I think it’s an important conversation to have about health and healthcare, and I very much considered the notion that, as someone battling this disease, the idea that I might not have health insurance, which I do thanks to my great union, is completely terrifying.”

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Going on to talk further about filming the last series of the hit show, Louis-Dreyfus continued: “I am [feeling melancholy], it’s bittersweet, I adore these people and I adore the show and what we’ve been able to achieve with it.”

See more in the clip below:



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