Tiffany Haddish Says Stepfather Tried To Kill Her And Her Family In Car Accident As A Child

Tiffany Haddish went through some scary, traumatic moments as a child.

In a new interview with the New York Times, the “Girls Trip” star opens up about an incident in which she alleged her stepfather attempted to kill her, her mother, and her siblings in a car crash.

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In 1988 when Haddish was eight years old, her mother got into a car crash that left her brain damaged.

Haddish, now 38, said that she believes the accident also led to her mother’s schizophrenia.

The actress revealed that when she was 21 her stepfather admitted to her that he had cut her mother’s brakes, leading to the crash, and that he intended for Haddish and her siblings to be in the car as well.

She said that she did not know whether he was telling the truth or not, but added, “I was like, ‘I must get revenge!’”

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After apparently attempting for years to find her stepfather and have him imprisoned, she eventually gave up at the behest of her grandmother, who advised they leave things in the hands of God.

“His life was going really great when I was trying to get revenge,” Haddish explained. “As soon as I stopped doing that, life started kicking him in the a**.”



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