James Corden Spoofs ‘Making A Murderer’ With Michael Myers

While Netflix turns its attention back to Steven Avery in “Making A Murderer” season 2, James Corden is giving Michael Myers the true-crime treatment on “The Late Late Show”.

Corden’s video posits that Myers was wrongly imprisoned for several murders on Halloween night in 1978 — a crime Myers says he is innocent of.

Despite direct quotes from victim Laurie Strode who says “he stabbed me,” Myers is exonerated, thanks to new DNA evidence and a character witness.

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“The only thing Mike ever killed was the dance floor,” says good friend and summer camp enthusiast Jason Voorhees. “That guy can move.”

“We used to murder so many…beers,” Myers says in response.

But just like the real “Making A Murderer”, Myers’ innocence isn’t so cut and dried as new evidence comes to light. Watch the story unfold in the video above.

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