Michael Douglas Addresses End Of ‘Ant-Man And The Wasp’: ‘I Had No Idea We Would Go To The Quantum Realm’

Michael Douglas is returning to the Marvel Cinematic universe this week, as “Ant Man and the Wasp” is celebrating its DVD release!

Carlos Bustamante caught up with the veteran star in New York City where he dropped a bomb about the dreadful ending of “Ant Man and The Wasp” and how it pertains to “Avengers: Infinity War”.

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For those of you who saw “Ant Man and The Wasp”, which happened in the same universe and time as “Avengers: Infinity War”, you’ll remember what happened in the post-credits scene. For all of you who haven’t, now would be a good time to stop reading.





“When we shot the scene, I had no idea we would go to the Quantum Realm,” Douglas says of the end of “Ant Man and The Wasp”. “So when I saw it in the theatre… I went ‘is that the end of my character? No more Hank Pym?'”

At the end of the film you’ll remember that Thanos’ snap happens at the same time that Scott Lang is waiting to be fished out of the Quantum Realm. Half of the human population has been annihilated, and that includes Hank, Hope and Janet, who were supposed to be helping Scott out. Literally. He is also mysteriously surrounded by glowing yellow orbs, coincidentally the same colour as the soul stone, which led some fans to believe that it’s the snapped away souls that now inhabit the Quantum Realm.

The second scene shows what’s happened on earth following the snap. The Emergency Broadcast System makes for an eerie soundtrack to the chaos around Scott’s townhouse, where a supersized ant is wailing away on the drum set.

Although the end of the film leaves MCU fans with the same sense of dread for the future of “The Avengers”, the team’s tiniest member, who’s stuck in the Quantum Realm has a tremendous amount of untapped potential at his fingertips, but can he access it without the help of Hank and Hope? Douglas tells Carlos that only time will tell.

“[The snap has] left a lot of people saying ‘my God, they wiped out half The Avengers universe in one fell swoop. What’s going to happen next?’ and you know what? Your guess is as good as mine, or Marvel’s cause they’re scratching their heads trying to figure it out now.”

Douglas continues, adding that he believes the studio still isn’t sure where we’ll find “The Avengers,” following his film.

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“I”m convinced that as far as the ending of ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’, they were not sure until they figured out with ‘Avengers’ and other things what the hell they were going to do,”
he says. “This is the confidence you get when you’re 20 for 20. 20 movies that have all been successful.”

And if you thought the 74-year-old star was outspoken about Marvel’s plans for the future of its most lucrative franchise, Douglas also shared his opinion on The Academy’s decision to include a ‘Most Popular Movie’ category at the annual awards show.

“That’s B.S.,” Douglas says candidly. “These pictures are huge financial successes, thank you very much. A lot of these Academy nominee pictures, you know, only wish their entire box office was one weekend of what these Marvel films are… you know, so it’s what… you’re getting a lot of attention, phenomenal international worldwide success. Wou didn’t win an Oscar… boohoo.” Watch the extended interview below.

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