Distracted driving is no joke! But Rami Malek’s reason for slamming on his brakes while driving in Los Angeles, which caused a fender bender, does lend itself to some laughs.

While the actor was on Friday’s “The Graham Norton Show”, he revealed that the moment he realized he’d made it to stardom actually caused him to get rear-ended.

The 37-year-old, who stars as Freddie Mercury in the new Queen biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody”, said he slammed on his brakes when he noticed his own face on a billboard: “I was driving in LA and spotted a billboard with my face on it. I was so surprised I slammed on the brake and someone rear-ended me.”

“The other guy got out of the car unhurt but looked at me and followed my gaze and suddenly he developed severe back pain. I thought, ‘I’ve made it and now he’s going to take it all!'”

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Malek also discussed portraying a much-loved musician on-screen, saying of Mercury’s iconic teeth: “I am not a method actor, but I kept the teeth in off set.”

“It’s not often you can end every sentence with ‘darling’ or dear’ in a British accent – I loved being Freddie Mercury,” Malek continued.

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He also explained how he ended up filming the famous Live Aid concert on the cast’s very first day.

Malek gushed, “My heart was trying to escape my body there was so much adrenaline.”