Watch The Full Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Narcos: Mexico’ With Diego Luna, Michael Pena

Netflix is expanding the “Narcos” universe with Diego Luna and Michael Pena in “Narcos: Mexico”.

Charting the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel in the early 1980s with Felix Gallardo (Luna) unifying traffickers and laying the foundation of a new drug empire, DEA agent Kiki Camarena (Pena) uproots his family from California to settle in Mexico. As he begins to gather intelligence about the rising drug kingpin and his cartel, Kiki realizes his assignment is more dangerous than he ever anticipated as he finds himself entangled in his mission, paving the way for the war on drugs to follow.

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Originally conceived as the fourth season of “Narcos”, the concept eventually became its own spin-off series as the focus shifted from the Colombian drug trade to Mexico.

During pre-production on the series, a location scout was fatally shot in a remote town in central Mexico known for the very drug-related violence covered in the show. Season one through three of “Narcos” was filmed on location in Colombia, another area known for its drug-related violence.

“Narcos: Mexico” will arrive on Netflix on Nov. 16.





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