Anything can happen in 2018.

The age of the Internet has spawned very peculiar online feuds. The latest of these unexpected rivalries features Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and developers of the ultra-popular video game “Fortnite”.

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On Friday, Musk shared a meme — which in all likelihood he did not create — of a QZ article with the headline, “Elon Musk buys Fortnite and deletes it.”

What follows is an obviously fake Musk quote reading, “I had to save these kids from eternal virginity.” The real Musk tweeted, “it had to be done” when posting the meme.

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Believe it or not, “Fortnite” actually responded. Whoever handles the game’s Twitter shared a month-old article of Musk’s plans to build a base on Mars in 10 years. “A whole decade @elonmusk? Just build, LOL!” the game’s Twiter reacted.

Musk actually fired back, “reality is hard.”