Kendra Wilkinson has had it with haters criticizing her for her breast implants, and the “Kendra on Top” star decided to fire back on social media.

In a lengthy Instagram post on Monday, the 33-year-old former girlfriend of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner defended her decision to enhance her chest at age 18, calling her implants the “best investment” she’s ever made.

“I get a lot of s**t for my boobs,” she wrote in the post. “Here’s the true story. I don’t get dressed or have any intentions on using the boobs to get a man or attention. I throw on clothes, get ready for the day like everyone. I first got my boobs done at 18 because i was and am an athlete n Tom boy n i felt that i wanted to do something to make MYSELF feel more like a chick BEFORE playboy was even an option.”

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Explaining that she’s “still that Tom boy who can care less what a man thinks,” she insisted that she doesn’t “try to look like I’m flaunting them because i really don’t. They are just on me n apart of me.”

Blasting her haters, Wilkinson continued: “To shame or make a woman feel bad for having boobs n wearing a tank top is not ok n haters should be the ones asking themselves ‘why am i hating on a woman for having boobs’. . I don’t know what the hell plays into some people’s minds.”

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She concluded: “Ummmm I’m sorry that my boobs are making you so mad but I’m doing my job as a mother and a woman every minute of every day. Sooooo in the end i speak not only for myself but for other women who have boobs too.”