Corey Feldman Reveals Title Of Hollywood Child Abuse Documentary: ‘Truth: The Rape Of 2 Coreys’

For years, Corey Feldman has alleged that a ring of powerful Hollywood pedophiles sexually abused him, friend/co-star Corey Haim and other young actors, and is opening up to Us Weekly about his long-awaited documentary about the subject.

The 47-year-old former child star is also revealing the doc’s provocative title: “Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys”.

“I believe this title represents the truth I have been promising to tell and it also represents the Truth of what happened,” Feldman said in a statement to the magazine.

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“He [Corey Haim] was physically raped, I was physically assaulted and as a result of those actions, and the fact that I had to carry that burden all those years, really it was a raping of not only our emotional lives, but also our collective work and career as The Two Coreys,” he added.

In October 2017, Feldman launched his “Truth Campaign,” a crowdfunding effort to raise $10 million to make the documentary, which he promised would be “the most honest and true depiction of child abuse ever portrayed.”

At the time, Feldman claimed he was “living in fear” that the alleged pedophiles he’s ready to name will strike back. As a result, Feldman said he’ll use some of the funds raised (to date, the campaign has brought in just under $275,000) to pay for security to provide protection from his enemies.

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“I’m very alone, but I need to protect myself and I need to protect my family,” he explained. “I need additional security.”

Last year, Feldman had a contentious interview about his campaign with then-host Matt Lauer on “Today”. Watch:





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