Lil Yachty Shuts Down Baseball Player Who Called His Football Halftime Performance ‘Trash’

Lil Yachty isn’t taking criticism of his halftime-show performance at “Monday Night Football”‘s Falcons vs. Giants game lying down.

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The rapper performed his song “Everything Good, Everything Right” at the game, receiving plenty of negative feedback from viewers on Twitter.

But Yachty couldn’t let a comment from one particular Twitter user stand.

Australian baseball player Travis Blackley, in a now-deleted tweet, wrote, “Absolute trash! How does this even pass for talent! Nothing about this so called music is real! What’s ur voice actually sound like without Autotune? It can’t be any worse that this!”

Yachty responded:

The rapper’s clapback references the fact that Blackley, who once pitched for the Seattle Mariners, San Francisco Giants, and other MLB teams, is currently unsigned and is now back in his home country playing in the Australian Baseball League.

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Yachty’s fans on Twitter were in awe of his comeback.

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