John Mayer Shares Spicy Secrets About His Sex Life, Clarifies His ‘Number’ After That Candid Interview

John Mayer’s stature as a world-class musician is eclipsed only by his reputation as a ladies’ man, and the singer behind such sexy hits as “Your Body is a Wonderland” did some serious dishing about his sex life in an unusually candid interview for Instagram Live.

Joined by Cazzie David (daughter of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star Larry David and ex-girlfriend of Ariana Grande’s former fiance Pete Davidson), Mayer filled fans in on an array of NSFW topics, including whether he’s ever pleasured himself to his own music.

“I don’t think I’ve masturbated to any music except when I was much younger and MTV was all there was for a young man,” Mayer admitted in the video last week (above). “But I have never… In what world do you imagine that a man would masturbate to his own music?”

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Following that question to its logical conclusion, David then asked whether a woman had ever asked him to play his own music while they had sex.

“No, but a girl has asked me to sing some of my songs in probably the run up to it,” he said, but then backtracked.

“I probably did in my early 20s,” admitted Mayer, who recently turned 41. “I probably used my music to hook up a couple times. It doesn’t make it any less from the heart.”

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He shared more details. “If it’s after a show and a girl asks, ‘Sing “Your Body is a Wonderland”.’ Do you want to be the kind of guy who goes, ‘No,’ or do you want to be the kind of guy that goes, like, ‘We’ve got the afternoon…?’ You want to play along.”

Next, David asked Mayer to blink if he’d had more than 800 sexual partners; he stared into the camera unblinking.

“Are you surprised that I’ve slept with less than 500 people?” he asked viewers, adding: “By the way, what does it say about my expectations that if you find out that I’ve slept with less than 500? You’re kind of impressed with me? Like ‘He’s a good guy.'”

The musician then clarified his “number” on the following week’s show, insisting: “I made reference to being a sub-500 guy and you guys, I know, listen, it’s a tough world out there and you want people to like you. And I try to do it too.

“But I feel like people might like you more if you would just go along with what the truth is… I also just wanna say that I thought about it over the week and I actually went back over my entire dating history and… my number is six. So I just wanted you to know that. That my number is six.”

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According to Mayer — whose celebrity exes include Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry — being a famous man is a lot like being a beautiful woman.

“[This] might put me into a little bit of a deeper understanding about what it’s like to be a woman in that yes, I could have sex with somebody at any given moment,” he previously shared. “But I think being a famous man is somewhat similar to be a beautiful woman, which means yes, there is access, there’s very seldom any desire. The older I get, the less desirous I am about unsheathing new body parts.”

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