Rachel Bloom Warns ‘Everything Is So Black And White’ On The Internet

Rachel Bloom is very aware of the dangers of social media.

The “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” actress discussed with Allure the internet, the beauty standards forced on women, and how storytelling allows her to approach difficult conversations.

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Bloom, 31, urged readers to pay attention to the grey zone when it comes to sensitive subjects: “It’s important that, with awareness, we not swing so wildly to the other side. And [on] the internet, everything’s so black and white — there are exaggerations even on the good-guy side.”

“We don’t measure men by that,” Bloom said of beauty. “We measure women by that, and that’s the male gaze.”

The actress also told the magazine how she uses storytelling to shed light on compelling topics. “I think the interesting part for me is being in therapy and also doing this show, learning different shades of everything,” she said. “In diagnosing a character, you really start to learn that these diagnoses aren’t labels.”

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“They’re tools to help you try [to] feel better, to find what is gonna make you happy,” Bloom continued. “And it’s an ever-changing field, an ever-changing science.”

Bloom also performed an original song about unattainable beauty standards and pleasure.

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