The team behind “Bohemian Rhapsody” have already been accused of “straightwashing” Freddie Mercury; now, Rami Malek has made headlines because of his response to a question about the singer’s sexuality.

Malek, 37, was asked by Into whether he saw the Queen frontman as a “gay icon,” and his answer left fans rather confused.

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The actor, who plays Mercury in the much-talked-about Queen biopic, shared, “What’s really great about him is he never wanted to, or thought of himself as being boxed into anything.

“He just was. I’ve heard him say, when asked, he says, ‘I’m just me.’ If he’s an icon to one there’s no reason that it requires another adjective.”

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Many took Malek’s comments to mean he didn’t think Mercury was a gay icon, while others insisted he was simply noticing that the superstar never labelled himself.

See some of the social media response to the interview below:

“Bohemian Rhapsody” hits theatres Nov. 2. See Malek talk more about playing Freddie Mercury in the clip below: