UK Police Arrest Suspect In Viral David Schwimmer Look-Alike Robbery

Police in Blackpool, U.K., have arrested a suspect in a theft at a restaurant, a photo of whom went viral last month for a very unexpected reason.

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When the police posted a picture of the suspect on Facebook asking whether people recognized the man, they were quickly flooded with responses comparing him to “Friends” star David Schwimmer.

The post soon went viral and the comments section full of “Friends” jokes.

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Eventually even Blackpool Police got in on the fun with a cheeky response.

Schwimmer himself got in on the fun, tweeting out a video recreating the image of the suspect, carrying a case of beer cans through a grocery store writing, “Officers, I swear it wasn’t me.”

On Tuesday, Lancashire Police announced that a 36-year-old suspect had been arrested for the theft, tweeting their thanks to both Metropolitan Police for making the arrest, and to Schwimmer for his support.



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