Madonna Is Hiring A Private Chef To Cook Kosher Meals For Her Family

Madonna is searching for a private chef to meet her family’s religious dietary restrictions.

According to the Daily Mail, the singer put up a job posting on Talent Private Staff calling for a “Top Chef with existing Private Household experience required, for VIP client in Mayfair.”

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The job is offering between £85,000 (C$144,000) and £110,000 (C$186,000) a year in compensation and would require the ability to travel with Madonna and her family.

“This is a London-based position, with a Chef in place at US residences (however, you must be willing to travel to the US when required),” the posting reads.

The job posting also says, “To be suitable for this role, you must have knowledge of kosher cooking.

“The client’s favoured foods are Italian cuisine (risotto is a favourite), Asian- Sushi/Sashimi, classic European and American dishes. They are not looking for a fine dining Chef; food should be healthy, simple and family style.”

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