“Billy on the Street” is back in business, and this time frenetic host Billy Eichner has enlisted Tiffany Haddish for a special mission: to find a third witch to join them in for  extra-diverse reboot of “Hocus Pocus”.

Or at least that’s what Eichner and the “Girls Trip” star are telling pedestrians they encounter on the streets of Manhattan, since they’re one witch short for their diverse recreation of the spooky trio played by Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker the beloved 1993 Halloween film.

“I’m gay and she’s black — what do you bring to the table?” Eichner asks.

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“We’re going to make a more inclusive ‘Hocus Pocus’,” Eichner tells the first person they encounter, a middle-aged Caucasian gentleman. “Are you straight and white?” Eichner asks. When the man says that he is, Eichner simply scoots.

Next, they encounter two Asian women, who say they’re from China. “Are you straight or gay?” he asks.

“I’m a lesbian,” one woman responds, sending Eichner into fits of glee. “Yes! Yes! Chinese lesbian witch! Crazy witch Asians!” he screams at the bemused/slightly terrified women.

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Things get even stranger — and even more diverse — from there.

“Billy on the Street” returned with a new online-only format in September, with a video in which he and Emma Stone to ask New Yorkers when they think the “La La Land” Oscar winner will finally join Instagram. Watch:

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