WWE Star Trish Stratus On Roman Reigns’ Cancer Diagnosis: ‘He Has The Support Of The Universe’

If anyone knows how much support WWE fans give their favourite wrestling superstars, it’s Trish Stratus. And with the news that Roman Reigns’ cancer has returned, the seven-time women’s champion is opening up about how it has affected the WWE family.

On the latest edition of Carlos Bustamante and Double J Bullock’s “The Title Shot”, Stratus chats about the incredible support Reigns is receiving.

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“Everyone was really sad, but… you saw not only us his colleagues rallying behind him, but the support of the universe,” Stratus explains. “We’ve always said it’s always been about this positive support and it’s undocumented, but it can help with recovery and all that stuff. So we are all there for him and hoping and wishing he comes back and comes back home.”

The 41-year-old WWE Hall of Famer is currently on her way to compete in the first ever women’s pay per view, “WWE Evolution”, airing Sunday, Oct. 28. Teaming up with her bestie Lita, the two are going up against Alexa Bliss and Mickie James: “It’s kind of neat also to have the past generation with the current generation. To me that’s really interesting and that’s what evolution is all about.”

As for the rumours, we’ll be seeing more of Stratus in the ring and the busy mother-of-two jokes, “you’ll see me more on Sunday at the pay per view.“

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But all jokes aside, Stratus reveals she is always open to returning to the ring as long as the fans want her.

“I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot in my career, I always felt very satisfied when I retired,” she says. “So when I go back, it has to be… a new challenge… something that is going to bump someone up or maybe, pass the torch in another way… something like that.”

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