The Verve Frontman Richard Ashcroft Confuses Viewers With Couch-Hopping TV Interview

Richard Ashcroft made a bizarre appearance Thursday morning in a TV interview that left viewers scratching their heads.

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The former frontman for The Verve was on “BBC Breakfast” when he started off with the odd greeting, “Good morning England. Good morning my family… I believe it’s half term at the moment. Stop eating those Quavers and any other cereal!”

When asked why he was wearing sunglasses, Ashcroft said, “The answer is, great respect for these two as journalists, but I’m the only one on the couch who can wear glasses right now.”

Later in the interview, the singer began talking about “The Truman Show” and then hopped behind the couch to examine the fake set behind him.

“Oh! OK! It IS ‘The Truman Show’,” he said after smacking into a glass window.

When one of the anchors noted that his latest album has received positive feedback, Ashcroft strangely replied, “I’ve never had a bad review from good-looking people!”

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On Twitter, viewers of the morning show were left baffled by Ashcroft’s behaviour.



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